Phillips has the right stuff to be mayor of Old Bridge

As a resident of Old Bridge for the past 16 years, it is not often that I am impressed with the quality of individuals running for public office. Jim Phillips seems to be different. I am particularly impressed with the integrity of Phillips and his ability to make decisions.

I know that Phillips has done a lot of good things for Old Bridge, such as creating more open space. I know that he has formulated a plan to check the unbridled growth that has smothered our streets, and I know that he is an experienced financial officer who has worked with and cut budgets as county treasurer.

In fact, it is just this experience in financial matters that makes Jim Phillips so attractive for the position of Old Bridge mayor. Phillips doesn’t make promises he can’t keep. He has the integrity to make the right decisions for Old Bridge and the experience and ability to come up with creative solutions to longstanding problems facing the township.

It is that combination of experience, integrity, sincerity and empathy for people’s problems that will allow Jim Phillips to win my vote in the fall. I believe Phillips is the exceptional choice for mayor of Old Bridge, and I also support his team of Ed Testino, Dennis Maher and Pat Gillespie.

Let’s look to the future of Old Bridge by electing a man of vision — Jim Phillips.

Jim Hatcliffe

Old Bridge