Greene will work for Old Bridge senior citizens

About two years ago, the residents of Cheesequake Village in Old Bridge faced the prospect of having to spend thousands of dollars to rehabilitate a dam that is located on the grounds of the development. The expense of this rehabilitation would have been paid out of resident maintenance fees and would have created a financial hardship for many of the seniors who live in Cheesequake Village and are on a fixed income.

Councilman Richard Greene was one of the first elected officials to recognize the financial hardship the dam rehabilitation would have created for the residents. His voice on the Township Council and his persuasion with township officials were instrumental in obtaining a permanent resolution to the dam rehabilitation and future maintenance. Councilman Greene has clearly shown that he is supportive of the senior citizens of the township and is willing to work hard on their issues and concerns.

Councilman Greene is clearly the best choice for mayor in the November election. I overwhelmingly support him for mayor, and I support his council team of Rob Sucarato, Amelia Mannino-Pellicone and Pete Trabucco.

Philip Tanala

Old Bridge