Eight named to ordinance review panel in Howell

Staff Writer

Eight named to ordinance
review panel in Howell
Staff Writer

HOWELL — Eight residents have been appointed to the new Ordinance Review Committee which will examine municipal ordinances and recommend revisions to the Township Council.

Wendell Nanson, Curtis Vislocky, Ken Allen, William Brandenberg, John Costigan, Michelle Flaherty, Walter Hickson and John Lebrio have been named to the committee.

Councilman Joseph M. DiBella will serve as the council’s liaison to the panel.

Nanson sits on the Zoning Board of Adjustment; Vislocky is chairman of the Citizens Advisory Committee; Costigan is the head of the township’s Open Space Preservation Task Force; Flaherty is a member of the Recreation Advisory Committee, and Allen is a member of the Manasquan Watershed Management Group.

DiBella proposed creating an Ordinance Review Committee in July. At that time, Township Manager Bruce Davis told DiBella and the council that Police Chief Ronald T. Carter thought the panel should include representatives from the police department.

Davis said that since many of the ordinances the committee would be examining are traffic related or require police enforcement, input from the department would be needed. At the time, Carter recommended himself, Capt. Jeffrey Mayfield and Traffic Safety Officer Matthew Bishop.

DiBella expressed concern about taking up three of nine slots on the proposed panel with police officers. Instead of membership on the committee, Davis said the police as well as other department heads will review recommendations the committee makes.

DiBella said he thought a committee such as this was needed because "the landscape of the community changes, the tenor of the public changes." He said time should be taken to do "product inventory."

Saying he sees too many problems that are related to ordinances, DiBella said it makes sense to look at the laws to see what is working and what needs to be changed.