Feline rescue group needs volunteers

To the editor

   Carols Cats Feral Cat Rescue and Adoption is desperately seeking volunteers!
   Carols Cats is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the humane treatment of feral and abandoned cats and kittens. Our efforts involve implementing TNR (trap-neuter-return; cats are trapped, vaccinated against rabies, altered so they cannot reproduce, and released back to their origins) to stabilize and manage local feral cat colonies, rescuing and socializing feral kittens and placing them in responsible homes, providing advice and support to individuals with feral and stray cat problems, and educating the public about cat overpopulation and the importance of spaying and neutering.
   Our Hillsborough-based group has assisted people and cats throughout Somerset County.
   We are a small organization funded solely by charitable contributions, and we want to grow so we can help even more cats and kittens. Maybe you’re a talented fund-raiser; maybe you’re a Web design or graphics expert; maybe you have room to foster a kitten or can provide a safe outdoor sanctuary for a feral cat or two — there are so many ways you can help!
   To learn more about Carols Cats and how you can help, please call 874-4660 or e-mail somersetpo@aol.com.

CarolAnn Honcharik
Carols Cats