Senior Menus-Jan. 29, 2004

   All meals are served at noon at Hibernia Apartments in Lambertville.
   The value of each meal is $3.13. Any amount donated over this is a tax-deductible contribution. All menus are subject to change and include milk and margarine.
   The sodium-controlled menu is the same unless otherwise noted.
   Thursday, Jan. 29 — Orange juice, beef stew with peas, carrots, onions and diced potatoes, cucumber salad, six-grain bread and peaches. Snowstorm stories.
   Friday, Jan. 30 — Pineapple juice, Swedish meatballs, pasta spirals, Harvard beets, Swiss salad, pumpernickel bread and orange. Bingo.
   Saturday, Jan. 31 — Cranapple juice, tuna salad, rye bread, pasta salad with vegetables, fruit, oatmeal cookies and milk.
   Sunday, Feb. 1 — Apple juice, turkey, Kaiser roll, cranberry molded salad, fruit, cupcake and milk.
   Monday, Feb. 2 — Cranapple juice, chicken fricassee, rice pilaf, whole baby carrots, pickled beets and onions, dinner roll and fruited gelatin with topping Bingo.
   Tuesday, Feb. 3 — Lentil soup, Hungarian goulash, pasta spirals, green beans, tropical fruit salad, pumpernickel bread and angel food cake. Cards.
   Wednesday, Feb. 4 — Apple juice, stuffed cabbage roll, mashed potatoes, zucchini, tossed salad with chick peas and onions, Italian bread and frozen yogurt. Bingo.
   Thursday, Feb. 5 — Chicken with rice soup, roast pork with gravy, baked sweet potato, broccoli spears, applesauce with cinnamon, rye bread and tapioca pudding. Remember When Day.