News of Other Days

80 years ago
   An effort is being made to locate and properly mark the grave of every soldier of the War of 1812. The aid of the people of Bordentown and vicinity is solicited in this worthy undertaking by Mrs. Frederick W. Taylor of this city.
   Many novelties in the way of special dances, as well as other attractions out of the ordinary in the way of features for local carnivals, are promised by the committee in charge of the carnival which opens tonight in St. Mary’s School yard.
   The affair is for the benefit of the Knights of Columbus Building Fund and much interest is being manifested by the members.
75 years ago
   The strong Bonaparte Park baseball team has taken the place of the Bordentown team in the Trenton City League. The Bonaparte team, under the management of L. L. Strang, is composed of employees of the big Bonaparte Park estate of Harris Hammond.
Work has just been completed on the painting of the Clara Barton school house at the intersection of Burlington and Crosswicks street. The historical red brick building now makes an attractive appearance.
   * * *
   The First National Bank of this city has on display four samples of the new paper currency which is to be distributed on July 10. The money has been made much smaller.
65 years ago
   Bordentown’s new post office building will be 1 in 48 in the United States to receive a mural painting, as the result of an open competition which was announced yesterday.
   The mural for the local post office will occupy a space 11’6" wide by 4’6" high, over the postmaster’s door on the end wall of the lobby. The artist, whose design is selected for the office, will be paid $710 for his painting.
35 years ago
   The Township Committee has authorized legal action against the Arrowbrook Country Club an Old York Road for beginning construction of a two-story building without a permit. Mrs. Louise Temple, township clerk, said this is the third such offense by the club. Building Inspector Marvin Cordwell reported construction was started on the building in April.
   An ordinance requiring all municipal employees to retire at the age of 70 was approved on first reading by the Florence Township Committee during a meeting held on June 4. The ordinance was met with lone opposition by Committeeman Harry Danley. "I think the ordinance violates federal laws regarding discrimination," said Danley.
Compiled by Vanessa Sarada Holt from The Bordentown Register, 1924-1939; and The Register-News, 1969.