FRHSD adult graduates celebrate achievements

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FRHSD adult graduates
celebrate achievements
Staff Writer

Danielle A. MustoDanielle A. Musto

Receiving a high school diploma has turned a dream into a reality for the students in the 2004 Freehold Regional High School District Adult High School graduating class.

The 46 members of that class were honored at Colts Neck High School on June 7. Marching down the aisle to the sounds of "Pomp and Circumstance" brought a long-awaited conclusion to the high school days of those in the class.

Samuel Grove, the adult high school coordinator, said "This class worked very hard. This class went through so many changes; coming in and not knowing what they were looking for in their life; making changes as they went along; and thinking about it."

Grove said the students started to think about their goals for the future and what they would do when they were finished.

"These were different kids [from] the ones I saw when they walked through the door [the first time]," he said. "Some took three years or four years, and some came in during their senior year. You can see when they walk up here that they don’t take this for granted."

Grove said the adult high school is a testament to the determination of the students who experienced difficulty in a traditional school program, students who at one time said, "School is not for me."

Those same students learned responsibility and had the desire to make a change in their life, he said. They looked at the choices to be made for the future and decided that education was the way to go. The adult high school was a place where students could build self-confi­dence and make their dreams come true.

"To all the graduates here today, I en­courage you to continue your education," said Grove. "Build on the fine foundation you have achieved for yourself. I wish you the best for your future."

Addressing the graduates, Danielle A. Musto, class representative, said, "This school is the best thing that ever hap­pened to me. Without it I would be dead, in a rehab or be a bum sitting on my couch doing nothing for the rest of my life. Fortunately, I’m not."

Instead, she said, she was at the grad­uation ceremony with her friends, family and teachers preparing for the next step in life.

"Many of us know what’s ahead," said Musto. "As for me, I’m going to college."

The class representative thanked the teachers who helped her gain confidence and respect. She credited her classmates and the student advisory committee for helping her reach this point.

Musto said her experience in helping to get people out to vote was one of the highlights of her experience at the adult high school.

In presenting the class of 2004, FRHSD Superintendent of Schools James Wasser thanked the students for their hard work.

"Your education in the adult high school has provided you with the oppor­tunities appropriate to your interests and abilities," Wasser said. "Hopefully, you have been encouraged to develop confi­dence that will inspire you to advance your education and be successful in your chosen career."

Wasser said his wish is that the edu­cation received by the students will help them to go a step further and beyond.

"The responsibility for moving forward now will soon fall on your shoulders," said the superintendent.

After the graduation ceremony Musto said she was ecstatic about receiving her diploma.

"This school helped me realize a lot of things about myself," said Musto. "The school is one of the best things that ever happened to me and I thank them com­pletely for helping me get to where I am now and where I will be in the future."

Musto said her plans include a move to North Carolina in August, where she is planning to attend a community college and then seek a higher degree at the University of North Carolina-Wilming-ton.

Graduate William A. Butts, 19, said, "This makes me very happy that I can go on from here to bigger and better things."

Butts said his plans include attending Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, where he expects to study criminal law.