Sports Shorts

Sports Shorts

NWS Wrestling returned to Sayreville Aug. 7 to perform a professional wrestling show on the Pop Warner Leprechaun football field featuring some big stars such as former WWF Superstars, Honky Tonk Man and Sal Sincere. It also contained numerous local stars such as Kazar the Gentleman, Archadia, Slayer, Antonio Malave, New Wave, JT Highlander, Jersey Jerry D, Next Generation, and Bryan Sexton. The show consisted of a singles match and the first NWS Wrestling Tag Team Tournament. The opening match was brutal between the two teams consisting of Kazar the Gentleman and Michael Reigns vs. New Wave and JC Rage. After battling for about six minutes, the pinfall was in favor of New Wave and JC Rage, who would continue to the next round of the tournament.

In the following contest, the team straight from Iraq, the Baghdad Bullies, Hasheem Ali and Saddam Insane, came out with a win over local heroes Next Generation. The third bout consisted of hometown boy Bryan Sexton, who teamed with Gavin Quest vs. also-locals JT Highlander and Jersey Jerry D. In the end, JT Highlander and Jersey Jerry D turned against each other, giving Bryan Sexton and Gavin Quest the advancement to the next round. Taking a break from the tournament, Sal Sincere took on Honky Tonk Man. Even after Sincere’s multiple cheating occasions, Honky Tonk Man had the crowd behind him and came away with a win. For the final match before intermission, the luchador team, Los Diablos Locos, Fierce Fuego and Antonio Malave, took on Slayer and local "happy" wrestler Archadia.

After 10 minutes of high flying in and out of the ring, Archadia laid a big kiss on his partner, Slayer. In anger and embarrassment, Slayer gave his partner a clothesline to set up for the Los Diablos Locos’ finishing moves for the win. After a brief intermission, action returned as the semifinals of the tournament took place. After sweat, anguish and agony, Bryan Sexton and Gavin Quest accepted the win over New Wave and JC Rage. In the final match, Los Diablos Locos scored a huge upset by defeating The Baghdad Bullies when Slayer distracted special guest referee Chris Candido (who was favoring the Bullies), took off the referee shirt and made the count for Fierce Fuego as he pinned Hasheem Ali. With Bryan Sexton and Gavin Quest victorious as well as Los Diablos Locos, there will be a final match between the two teams, which will decide who will be crowned the title of Tag Team Champions. This will take place Oct. 23 at the Step Inn Ballroom located on McCarthur Avenue.

The Central East Jersey Basketball Officials organization is accepting applications for any individuals, 18 years and older, who want to become high school basketball officials. Classes will begin in late September at East Brunswick High School. For additional information, contact the cadet supervisor, Allan Kaufman, at either (732) 390-1860 or via e-mail at Information is also available at the organization’s Web site,

Raritan Valley Soccer Officials Association is seeking candidates interested in officiating high school soccer in Middlesex County. The RVSOA is a member of the National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association Interscholastic Division and the New Jersey Soccer Officials Association — the leading organization for high school officials in the state. Contact Bill Tumbleson at (732) 842-5652 or e-mail for additional information.

The following are the results of the Tamarack Women’s Nine-Hole Golf Association.

At the July 29 outing — stroke play, no handicap — Joan Hoskins won Flight A with a 55, followed by Rosanne Marosy (56), Inge Robinson (58) and Terry Massaro (58). Dot Peters won Flight B with a 59, followed by Annabelle Donnamaria (61) and Joan Semen (63). Sally Deyette won Flight C with a 62, followed by Madelyne DiMaria (65), Jeanette Squires (68) and Doris Colgrove (68). Massaro and DiMaria had fewest putts with 16.

At the Aug. 5 outing (five blind holes, half handicap), Joan Hoskins won Flight A with 18, followed by Marge Widder (20), Inge Robinson (21) and Anne Leahy (21). Bobbi Block won Flight B with 21, followed by Dot Peters (21), Joan Semen (22) and Jean Ertle (24). Sally Deyette won Flight C with 21, followed by Terri MacAllister (23), Doris Colgrove (24) and Madelyne DiMaria (26). Hoskins and Ertle had fewest putts with 16.

The MetroStars Soccer Camp will be held Aug. 23 through 27 at the Sayreville Sports Complex for ages 5-14. Session one is from 9 a.m.-noon (ages 5-10), and session two is from 5 p.m.-8 p.m. (ages 11-14). For more information on each of these camps and to register log on to or call Joe Tulipani at (732) 254-9122.