Security should be town issue

This is in response to the article titled “Raising Reward Urged After Bomb Threats” that appeared on the front page of the Oct. 21 Suburban.

I would like to know why adding additional security in our school system when dealing with repeated bomb threats is a school budget issue instead of a township budget issue.

Shouldn’t the protection of Old Bridge citizens, whether they be at school, at work or retirees at home, fall under the responsibility of Middlesex County through state, county and township revenues, and not be thrown into an already overburdened school budget? Isn’t it essential that we protect the integrity of our school budget that is necessary for education?

Don’t we, as Old Bridge residents, and as New Jersey, Middlesex County and Old Bridge Township taxpayers, have the right to feel safe because of our government, without compromising vital educational funds? As Old Bridge residents, don’t we deserve more?

Bob Meraglia

Old Bridge