Jackson Women of Today ‘Wish Tree’ at ShopRite

The Jackson Women of Today’s Wish Tree is now gracing the lobby of the Jackson ShopRite, 260 North County Line Road. Most of the ornaments on the tree have been made by local youth and individuals. Those who wish to help others have a better holiday can pick an ornament and purchase the gift written on the tag. Unwrapped gifts accompanied by the tag must be returned to the ShopRite courtesy counter on or before Dec. 11.

The gifts on the tags are designated for specific clients of the food pantry based on their needs. Most of the needs are very basic – many of the clients would be pleased just to have warm gloves or new socks.

Those who donate may keep the ornament as the community’s way of thanking them for their generosity, and as a reminder that they have made someone’s holiday more special. Details: (732) 833-2298 or (732) 833-1067.