Mayor’s accomplishments give him a record to run on

Marlboro Mayor Robert Klein-berg’s record stands on its own. When a mayor has accomplished as much as he has during his initial term, reality is that political rivals must create spin and divert attention away from those accomplishments.

In the spirit of full disclosure and as a matter of fairness, it is necessary for me to identify myself as the newly elected municipal chairman of the Marlboro Republican Party.

In the April 11, 2007, edition of the News Transcript, Steven P. Sukel, the municipal chairman of the local Demo-cratic Party, and a former zoning board member, and one of the founding members of the “Reform” Democratic Club of Marlboro, wrote a letter attacking Republican Mayor Kleinberg and his administration. During Mr. Sukel’s service on the zoning board from 1998 to 2004, Marlboro suffered through staggering residential development and corruption.

The residents of Marlboro in 2003 voted for a change. I feel it was a positive change. It appears that Mr. Sukel would like his old job back and return the township to the way it was.

Judging from the contents of Mr. Sukel’s letter, the “reformers” have made a conscious decision that their campaign will ignore the truth and distort the facts. The political “old guard” that is the leadership of the “reformed” Democrats, only hope that they can fool the residents of Marlboro into believing that they want to bring about positive change, when in fact they are really hoping that things will go back to the way they used to be.

Mr. Sukel, intentionally or due to an oversight, failed to identify himself as the municipal chairman of the local Democratic Party, and one of the founding members of the “Reform” Democratic Club of Marlboro. Was he misleading Marlboro residents into believing the letter was authored by a concerned resident, when in fact it was written and submitted by a politician with political motives? You decide.

John C. Gibardi

municipal chair

Republican Party