Gov’t must respond to illegal residents

Perhaps Ted Miller could be enticed to run for mayor in Freehold Borough. He sounds as though he might actually do something about the illegal immigration problem plaguing this wonderful town.

Police Chief Mitch Roth’s comment [that] “287(g) is not meant to address day laborers and hard-working people who obey the law…” is an oxymoron at best. Their mere presence here, illegally, contradicts the term law abiding.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) training is not meant to deal only with hardened criminals, it allows local governments to enforce existing immigration laws the federal government will not address for Freehold. Something has to be done here, it’s out of control.

Our children, through our school system, are the ones to suffer. Schools are in dire straits with a 400 percent increase in enrollment. Being that Freehold has no massive building going on, where are the increased numbers coming from? Illegal immigration. It is quite simple, if we address the illegal immigration issue, the school issue falls into place.

I would rather see my tax dollars go toward following suit with laws Morristown, Hazelton, Pa., and Riverside are trying to enact than acquiescing in a whole-town muster zone, which is what it has become.

I watched, in a town meeting, a woman stand and bemoan the fact she cannot collect Social Security because her Social Security number was fraudulent. I should feel for this woman? Absolutely not. Does the term “identity thief” mean anything? How about tax evasion?

If anyone believes the illegal population is going to go home, pay back taxes/fines and learn English, they are seriously delusional. They did not follow those regulations to begin with; they most certainly are not going to do it now.

It is an offensive slap in the face to the people who followed the law originally, who are waiting patiently for their legal status and all the masses who have done it legally before them. Every other ethnic group who came before them learned English; it was the first thing they did. These immigrants expect us to learn Spanish. How ridiculous is that?

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who does not enjoy the ethnic diversity this town has to offer.

However, it would be far more difficult to find residents who are not angry over trying to keep up with the taxes, while our schools are struggling, due to the influx of illegal immigrants. We are tired of paying our fair share, and theirs.

Massive amounts of illegal day laborers strewn all over town is not what we deserve. The strain on social services from people who do not pay taxes is not what we deserve. Double-digit numbers of illegal children in one household, straining our schools, is not what our children deserve. Their education cutbacks are a serious detriment to their ability to compete.

Freehold needs a local government which will address the quality-of-life issues we do deserve. Perhaps Ted Miller, running with Brian Sullivan of PEOPLE, is the answer.

Joan Kelly

Freehold Borough