Incumbents responsible for mess in gov’t

If you have watched television recently, you were probably privy to the State of the County speech by Middlesex County Freeholder Director David Crabiel and then the State of the Township speech by East Brunswick Mayor William Neary – each one giving us a lot of talk about nothing.

Both the county and the township right now are stagnant and starting to smell. It’s about time for a wake-up call. When are the residents going to wake up and smell the garbage? The days of Democrats and Republicans are long gone. We have to start looking at the person and not the party. You surely can see for yourself what the Democrats are doing to our township and our county. Then we have a piece of work in Republican President George W. Bush in the White House. He’s full of his own importance. Have we learned anything yet from the mess they are making?

Please use your head and your heart and get out and vote when it’s our turn and vote these poor excuses for human beings out of office. People who have no moral compass are not going to change. It will only get worse.

My stand in all of this is to vote out all the incumbents and hope that our choices this time will be better – because it certainly couldn’t get any worse.

Joyce Soden East Brunswick