Monmouth U. artifacts sought for anniversary

Monmouth University is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2008.

From Monmouth Junior College to Monmouth College to Monmouth University, the Office ofAlumniAffairs is actively seeking interesting, unusual or special items and artifacts.

Alumni and families are asked to check their attics for materials they would like to donate or lend for display as part of the “Walk Through History” exhibit that will be prepared as part of the 2008 Scholarship Ball.

Donations of class notebooks, publications, office files, photographs, newspapers, pennants, buttons, manuscripts, diaries, and anything related to the history of Monmouth University will help preserve the university’s historical legacy. Alumni are being asked to consider donating or just lending their pieces of Monmouth history.

Already slated for display at the exhibit are freshman “dinks” from the 1960s, original signs from the Monmouth Junior College administration building in the 1950s, and publications dating to the 1940s.

Contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at (732) 571-3489 or for more information about the Scholarship Ball, or to discuss lending or donating material.