Republicans selling youth’s future to pay for corruption

The time has come for a change in Middletown and Monmouth County. For the past 20 years the Republicans in Monmouth County have put policies in place that have made it harder to get a start in life, at least in Monmouth County. When it comes to affordable housing, the Middletown GOP, like the Monmouth County GOP, have made it quite clear that the only places that they feel should be affordable are places that are already diverse, such as Asbury Park, Keansburg and Long Branch. Towns like Middletown and Rumson were allowed to continue their economic segregation.

Young people throughout Monmouth County are starting to speak up for change. It is time for the policies of the past to come to an end. It is time to say no to Freeholder Director Lillian Burry, no to Councilman John Curley, no to Deputy Mayor Pamela Brightbill, no to Anthony Fiore, and no to their policies that have pushed the young residents out of Monmouth County. The GOP in Monmouth County has done nothing but blame others while they raise our taxes; in Middletown there was over a 7 percent hike in property taxes this year alone. This is from the people that say we have to reign in out of control spending and lower taxes.

The young residents of Monmouth County can no longer afford to stand by quietly while the Republican Party sells our future to pay for the corruption and greed of the past 20 years. The question that you have to ask yourself this November is, can you?
Blake Huntley
Red Bank