Residents communicating concerns on trash

This is an open letter to the mayor, the Township Council and the residents of East Brunswick.

There has been a growing base of residents who have expressed concern regarding the proposed change in garbage service. There have been documented calls to township officials; blast e-mails; the establishment of an online community group — East Brunswick Residents Against Reducing Trash Pickup to One Time Per Week — within Facebook; and a online petition titled “East Brunswick for Fair Garbage Service” at http://www.ipetit GarbageService/signatures.html or at, under East Brunswick. Residents, please join in the process to voice your concerns.

Residents have argued through the above forums for no change of service, as the 50-percent reduction in service doesn’t measure up against the 3 percent reduction in proposed savings or $15.40 per household annualized (even factoring in tonnage).

Suggested alternatives include once-a-week or twice-a-week pickup with supplied containers using the efficient one-arm bandits

for pickup, privatizing the process and letting homeowners choose a pay plan for either onceor

twice-a-week pickup distinguished by can size or color with different pricing points, or changing the billing through the township to a consumption-based plan based on one or more of the services listed above. All of them will still be monitored by the township under a strict performance standard with detailed service-level requirements.

I commend Mayor David Stahl and the council for their efforts to recognize the concerns of the residents and table the issue. Decisions that affect services to residents should be clearly communicated, identifying all the facts through written correspondence or in an open forum.

What we should expect from our town leaders is a complete new study performed by the administration, not a hasty decision. We as a community need to have time to study the impact and make the proper decisions for all residents.
Ira Temin
East Brunswick