Camp Tecumseh a welcome respite for urban youth

This year, more than ever, The Salvation Army’s Camp Tecumseh is fulfilling a need for both parents and children during these turbulent economic times. By summer’s end, more than 1,200 children will attend Tecumseh for weeklong sessions. For children, this is probably the only summer fun they’ll have — certainly, their only chance for a real vacation. For parents, it’s truly a blessing to know that their children will be able to enjoy fun-filled days in a safe environment — free from the everyday challenges they often encounter in urban areas.

Yet more importantly for parents, Camp Tecumseh is an affordable option. The cost? A week of camp costs just $460 — but for parents unable to afford it, we help defer a large portion of that cost, if not the entire cost. However, it’s a big challenge for the New Jersey division since camping programs are donor-supported and fundraising in these economically depressed times has become extremely difficult.

It’s only through the generosity of our donors that we are able to offer our camping programs. We are truly thankful for the support we receive not only for youth camp sponsorships but also those supporting senior camp stays and our specialized camps for custodial grandparents and their grandchildren, veterans and foster children. If you’d like more information about Camp Tecumseh or if you’re able to make a sponsorship donation, please call Tricia Pellegrini at our divisional headquarters, 908-851-8227, or visit

Thank you and God bless.
Major Donald E. Berry
N.J. State Commander
The Salvation Army