Water must be saved, no matter what season

Just because it is winter does not mean we should stop being conscious of our water supply.

There are many ways to save water. Some are obvious. For example, when someone asks the average person how to conserve water, the knee-jerk response might be by turning off faucets. While this will save water, there are many other ways you might not think of. For example, by filling a pitcher with water and leaving it in the refrigerator until you need it, you can save the water wasted while waiting for it to become cold.

Also, instead of rinsing vegetables under the sink, you can fill a pan with water instead. When able, use hand sanitizer instead of washing your hands in the sink. If you are really into conservation, you can water your garden with rainwater collected from the roof or even use a bucket to catch the water wasted while the shower is heating up and then use that water to flush toilets.

There are myriad ways to save water. How many are you using?

Casey Dennison

Age 13 Old Bridge