Howell school board member responds to letter to the editor

First and foremost, I would like to thank Sal Runfola, as well as all veterans, for fighting for and protecting the rights we as Americans cherish so dearly.

My vote in favor of resolution A-4 was to protect the high quality of education that our children deserve and preserve the educational decision-making process for the elected members of the Board of Education from being placed in the hands of politicians. By the way, this is the democratic process by which municipal governments operate.

In referencing my spouse, Mr. Runfola in his recent letter to the editor failed to mention she is also a mother of six, a loving wife, and an active member of PTO. If these are conflicts, then we are guilty as charged. Each individual voter’s own values should guide their choices. My wife and I will always vote yes to the school budget and choose the people who have a vested interest in education.

In conclusion, if being a teacher, father, husband, and having school-age children make me a fox, then stick me in the “hen house.” I do know from personal experience that political affiliations and politics in general have no place in the education of children.

Patrick Dowling member Howell K-8 School District Board of Education Howell