Happy with hybrids?

with Sharon Peters


I’m wondering if people who buy hybrids like them well enough in the end to do it again. It’s an odd thing to track, I know, but I’m curious. A:

Only about one-third of hybrid owners go that route when it’s time to get another car, according to Polk research released earlier this year. Hybrids represent 2.4 percent of the new vehicle market, down from the high of 2.9 percent in 2008, according to Polk. Q: I have a sick-dog smell in the back of my SUV and I’ve tried everything you’ve recommended in the past to get rid of it. The stench has been considerably reduced, but it’s still not 100 percent gone. Got anything else up your sleeve? A:

I recently heard of a new product.

Since I’m always schlepping dogs around, I decided to try it. I don’t have sick-dog stench, just dogs-in-mud-andrivers stench, and I have to say, this worked faster than my usual go-tos, (vinegar, raw apples, baking soda and a product called Unique Complete).

My new-ish discovery is called Eco Touch Odor Eliminator and it comes in a little spray bottle. You may have to use it twice. Keep it away from vinyl or leather.

You can get it from their website or through sites that sell car products, and a bottle costs less than $10. Q: We had pine sap on our car hood last year, and wound up with a mess when we tried to get it off. What should we do next time? A:

If the sap’s still gummy-feeling, use bug and tar remover. You can purchase this from a car parts store. If it’s already baked dry, careful application of mineral spirits will dissolve it, experts say, but be sure to wax the car after using it. © CTW Features Email questions to Sharon@ctwfeatures.com