HILLSBOROUGH: Democratic candidate Will Kole drops out of race for Township Committee

He has moved out of the township

The Hillsborough Democratic Organization announced today that William Kole, the previously declared Democratic Party candidate in the upcoming June Primary Election, has relocated out of Hillsborough and would therefore be ineligible to run in the general election for Township Committee.

“This development occurred after the deadline to change candidates’ names on the primary ballot had already passed,” explained Michael Goldberg, chair of the Hillsborough Democratic Organization.

The Hillsborough Democratic Organization said Lisa Drozd of Atkinson Circle has agreed to be the regular Democratic Party candidate. Ms. Drozd, a 20-year resident of Hillsborough, is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and is a successful business owner.

“We are disappointed but certainly understand Mr. Kole’s personal decision to relocate,” says Goldberg.

Mr. Kole remains of the June 4 primary ballot and is running in the primary against John Reddan. Mr. Kole would presumably have to win the primary before the party committee could replace him.