Richard Yager
Hopewell Township
    Opponents of the Marshall’s Corner/Pennytown redevelopment project shouldn’t fold their tents and move on yet, It appears that the mayor isn’t about to throw in the towel any time soon on the project. The May 13 resolution for the purchase of the “Hole in the Donut,” as it was referred to by the representative for the planners of the redevelopment project (Clarke Caton Hintz) still was on the agenda. The mayor, in the past — when questioned about issues pertaining to the redevelopment plan since it was allegedly shelved — has responded by saying the project is not moving forward and they are no longer relevant.
   Then why was there a resolution on the agenda to purchase Lot 10/ Block 33? Is this another attempt of backdoor politics to move the redevelopment project forward? It appears to be another waste of the taxpayers dollars (580,000) on a project that is allegedly off the table. Then there are the hidden costs after the purchase of the property — the demolition of the structures and the clearing of the land. When questioned about the purpose of the acquisition of the property in question. township Administrator/Engineer Paul Pogorzelski stated the property was needed to augment the existing packaging plant (sewer facility). Isn’t this the same sewer facility that was the reason for making the original purchase of the site ($7,000,000)? Why do we need 2.3 acres for a site that is to service 70 AFH units when the Kooltronic/Pennytown site only required 1 acre of land for 265 housing units. It appears that this is just another case of gross mismanagement of taxpayer dollars — trying to cover up the lack of good judgment and poor, if any planning, by our elected officials.