TRENTON: County extends lease for Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines’ request to extend its lease to five years has been accepted by county officials

   TRENTON — Only six months into its current lease agreement with Trenton-Mercer Airport and Mercer County, Frontier Airlines’ request to extend its lease to five years has been accepted by county officials, according to Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes.
   According to a press release, Frontier’s lease will be in effect from May 21, 2013, to May 20, 2018, under the amended terms.
   ”This commitment by Frontier indicates its desire to continue to serve the robust Mercer County market,” Mr. Hughes said.
   Frontier’s rent is $18,558 per year. In addition, the airline collects a passenger facility charge from each ticket sold and passes a portion of that to the airport. That amount is approximately $40,000 per month.
   The Denver-based airline first entered the Trenton-Mercer market in November 2012 with flights to Orlando, Florida, and quickly added routes to other Florida destinations, such as Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, and New Orleans, which began Jan. 31, the release stated.
   In April 2013, Frontier added nonstop service to Atlanta, Chicago (Midway), Columbus, Raleigh-Durham and Detroit from Trenton-Mercer Airport.
   Mr. Hughes said he believes the airline’s reported success at Trenton-Mercer Airport is because Frontier’s low-cost airfare to desirable destinations is the “right fit” for the region.
   Frontier will help Trenton-Mercer achieve its “one-stop” goal for the airport, meaning passengers could get from TTN to numerous U.S. and international destinations with one plane change, he said.
   Mercer County has made significant investments in the airport, located in Ewing Township, in the past several years.
   An airport safety project called Engineered Material Arresting System, is scheduled for September. This Federal Aviation Administration-mandated project will require the airport to close its main runway during construction and temporarily suspend flights.
   Frontier Airlines worked with the county to determine the best time of year to complete the project, indicating fall is the airline’s slowest travel season.
   ”We are excited to complete the EMAS project and other necessary upgrades at the airport. I believe it is our continued investments at Trenton-Mercer that keep our airport competitive with other regional airports and attractive to potential carriers, and we believe Trenton-Mercer is vital to the continued economic growth in Mercer County and the surrounding region,” he said.