Congrats to CHS football, with some reservations

Michael P. Tusay, Pennington
To the editor:
I am genuinely happy for our Bulldogs state championship football team! Also, for all of the effort put into the program over the 20 plus years of its development!
   However the final sentence in letter to editor last week about the vote on April 17, 2001, amounts to end-zone dancing, and a complete misunderstanding of the issue surrounding the subsequent disappointment with, and court challenge to, the establishment of a school-sponsored football program in Hopewell Valley.
   Having a winning football team, even one that achieved a state championship, does not justify in any way the “end run” around the will of the people, in a legally constituted election. It seems to me that it is bad sportsmanship to declare “apology accepted” when none was offered, or need be offered, for the citizens of Hopewell Valley fulfilling our civic duty in voting in an election.
   Perhaps a “thank you for your support” to the citizens of Hopewell Valley would have been a better closing sentence.
Michael P. Tusay