Cupping for Vitality

Barbara Meza
Conscius Vita is pleased to announce that Barbara Meza, LMP HHP has recently introduced Contemporary Cupping Therapy to the practice
Cupping therapy uses negative pressure above the surface of tissues rather than tissue compression. The suction of the cups gently pulls tissues from underlying structures, loosening areas of adhesion, of restriction, resulting in the softening of rigid tissue and taut fascia and increased movement in congested joints. The benefits of a wide range of bodywork fro myofascial releasea to deep tissue to lymphatic drainage may be recognized in one session of cupping therapy. Clients have reported better range of movement and a sense of deep relaxation after receiving a cupping therapy treatment.
Stagnation and toxic waste is pulled to the skin level for easy release throught sweat or the lymphatic system. The lymphatic and circulatory systems are stimulated, promoting detoxification and reduced edema/swelling. The gentle pulling action of the cups stimulates the sensory nerves of the skin, promotes pain reduction and encourages an overall feeling of well-being. Gastrointestinal health is enhanced by stimulation of the digestive organs, their peristaltic movement, and secretion of digestive juices which supports better digestion, increased nutrient absorption and improved elimination.
Cupping for Vitality promotes cleaner blood, improved circulation, reduction of cellulite, rejuvenation of the cells, enhanced gastrointestinal health, reduced signs of aging, improved flexibility and strengthening of the body’s natural defenses.  
For more information, pleasae visit or contact Barbara Meza @ (201)978-7335 or