Keep children learning during winter break

The staff at Huntington Learning Center believes winter break is a time to continue learning despite being on vacation from school.

“Holiday break is a great time for children to enjoy learning, for learning’s sake,” Laura Gehringer of Huntington Learning Center said. “Encourage your child’s inner explorer. Play games that are entertaining and educational. Get creative.”

Gehringer suggests the following activities:

 Visit the library for books, magazines or comic books on topics in which a child is interested. Try choosing a book together that can be read aloud as a family each evening.

 Geocaching is essentially treasure hunting with a GPS-enabled device. Those interested can search by zip code and difficulty level to get coordinates to a geocache in their area by using websites such as or Geocachers hide a waterproof container with trinkets and a logbook.

 Games such as chess, bridge, and word and number puzzles are “learning games.” Try Scrabble, Words with Friends, Sudoku or Tangram puzzles.

 Make gift tags or holiday cards. Turn a family story into an illustrated, handmade book. Create a family collage with pictures and mementos to display during the holidays.

“Encourage your student to expand his or her mind and learn something new,” Gehringer said. “Winter break is the perfect time to foster those curiosities.”

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