YWCA ESL Has a New Business Focus This Spring (’14)

Spring has arrived and with it new opportunities for growth, including business. The YWCA Princeton English as a Second Language Program’s spring term starts on March 10th, 2014. 
In addition to its extensive list of classes, the ESL program continues to increase the number of courses that meet the needs of English language learners, who are transitioning to careers in the United States, and need English skills for the American business and academic environment.
In its newest offering, “American Business Culture,” Rick Moretti will help students adapt to American culture in the workplace. The course will examine on-the-job customs and courtesies, advanced resume writing, overcoming cultural and organizational differences, handling criticism, moving up the ladder, and how to adapt to different business practices.
The course will be led by Rick Moretti, an experienced business trainer. Moretti has designed and delivered employee training programs including programs that focus on both hard and soft skills used in different business environments. Through his training, he has worked with a wide range of employees and business departments.
“America, and particularly our area, is a great melting pot. We often take for granted that everyone understands the rules of etiquette in the workplace. For those coming from a different culture or country, it can be quite challenging. There is a vulnerability and fear in asking about protocols or common practices. This new course is designed to provide a safe forum in which to ask those questions and practice what they learn,” shares Moretti.
At the forefront of providing community and educational opportunities for decades, three other new ESL classes will be offered in Conversation, Writing,  and Reading. Courses are open to the general public, there are no residency requirements. All are welcome to become YWCA members and students. To learn more about the new classes or to register, Paula Rossi, ESL Director, YWCA Princeton, may be contacted at (609) 497-2100 ext. 306.