HILLSBOROUGH: Democratic candidates want too much government

To the editor:
I write this not as president nor as representative of the Hillsborough Board of Education, but express this as my own opinion.
Other school board members have shared their opinions of former member and Township Committee candidate Thuy Anh Le, so I would like to do the same. I do not question her commitment to her role, but in my years working with her, I have found that she supports a worldview for an ever-increasing and encroaching role of government to solve problems and challenges that individuals and institutions may face.
She has advocated "behavior modification" to implement energy conservation as a board member, and proposed that the Hillsborough municipal government become the default purchaser of electricity for all residents’ homes as township committee candidate.
These political viewpoints are not in line with what Hillsborough residents want nor need from their local government representatives. It appears that her running mate shares similar viewpoints, as he has not articulated anything independent from his running mate.
I hope that you will join me in voting to re-elect Mayor Tomson and Committeewoman McCauley. They have demonstrated successful commitment and results to making Hillsborough an ever-better place to live through their fiscal responsibility, support of the local business and citizen community, and proper municipal governance.
Thomas Kinst 
Hillsborough 