Problems require solutions, not hyperbole

I am responding to a recent Your Turn guest column by Michele Byers, the executive director of the New Jersey Conservation Foundation. Ms. Byers’ column discussed climate change and referred to Harvard University Professor Dr. Eric Chivian.

In response to Dr. Chivian and his speech at the annual New Jersey Land Conservation Conference, I do not have a doctorate, but our own common sense and observation of nature and the news can be a great source of knowledge. Look out your window.

In my town we have a very “large” population of deer, so I am assuming the deer have left the Pine Barrens and have moved to the surrounding areas to escape deer ticks, but the mice have not caught on to the exodus yet.

Has Dr. Chivian considered that excessive pesticide and fertilizer use, planting fewer flowering plants and the loss of natural habitat because of overdevelopment and government projects for cluster housing threaten to destroy our natural habitat? In regard to global warming, in the 1970s the public was told by the science community an ice age was coming. Where is it?

Then we were told in the 2000s that it was global warming, but my husband informed me it was just hot flashes …

So now we have climate change since it does not fit the narrative. I am confused. Is this an Abbott and Costello skit? Which cup is the lemon under?

Concerning polar bears, we now have a larger population of polar bears since we currently have laws that prevent hunting them, and what polar bears and diabetes and blubber have to do with humans, I really do not understand, speaking as a human, not as a polar bear or a scientist.

I only know we should be the stewards of our Earth and we should all be concerned about our environment.

Real people need real answers to real problems, not theories and hyperbole.

Joan Dougherty Laauser
Millstone Township