Grilling regulations adopted

Staff Writer

HOWELL — The Township Council has adopted changes to cooking regulations at parks in Howell in an effort to maintain clean and safe areas for individuals who visit the parks.

In April, council members voted to amend the playground-and-facility-use policy to prohibit the use of charcoal grills and wood-burning grills in all public parks in Howell.

According to the ordinance, the use of propane gas grills will still be permitted, provided that a permit is issued by the Howell Fire Bureau. Individuals or groups who want to use a propane grill must have the necessary approval for the use of the field (by lease or permit) prior to being issued a permit from the fire bureau.

At Echo Lake Park, cooking with propane will be allowed when the pavilion is leased by way of a separate permit issued through the fire bureau, according to municipal officials.

Issues relating to charcoal grills came to the attention of Mayor Bill Gotto and the members of the council after they received complaints from park users.

Officials said signs that explain the new cooking restrictions will be posted in all of Howell’s parks.

Councilman Edward Guz said the placement of signs is important so that members of the public have a full understanding of the consequences of violating the regulations.

“I want to make sure everyone who uses our parks knows what this new regulation is before they are slapped with a very serious fine,” Guz said.

Township Attorney McKenna Torcivia said the first violation of the ordinance will result in a warning. A second violation will result in a $50 fine. Subsequent offenses will result in a $100 fine.