LAWRENCE: Union president wrong to disrupt reading of statement

Max Ramos, Lawrence
It’s quite ironic that Michele D’Angelo, president of the Lawrence Teachers Education Association, is asking for respect (Letters: Lawrence to Board: Treat us fairly, June 9).
Perhaps she should look in the mirror after her display at the June 10 Lawrence Township Public Schools Board meeting when she interrupted a statement by the board negotiator with an outburst threatening to meet the board member outside, demonstrating anything but respect. A majority of the board members present witnessed the threat, along with members of the administration and the public.
Physical threats and intimidation have no place in public meetings (or anywhere else for that matter.) Although there is ample opportunity (three instances) for the public to make comment, the LTEA president chose to disrupt the reading of a statement to make her threat from across the room in front of dozens of students, parents and teachers.
Anyone that would like to hear the threat can check for the audio recording. (June 10 audio #3 at the 4:38 mark) .
I will not stand by and watch board members get threatened with physical violence by anyone. A threat to one board member is a threat to the entire board, and to the larger school system.
I am speaking on my own behalf, not representing the views of the Lawrence Township Board of Education. 
Max Ramos 
Lawrence 