WEST WINDSOR-PLAINSBORO: School board needs Kaish’s experience and judgment

Robert J. Johnson, West Windsor
I’m delighted to support Michele Kaish for re-election to the West Windsor-Plainsboro school board.
Michele came to the board after many years of PTA and other volunteer work, and has been a valued and productive board member since 2012. I had the opportunity to work closely with her on a number of committees and assignments at the end of my own tenure on the school board. She is an extremely capable, diligent, effective board member, and I believe strongly that the board needs her experience and good judgment.
Her current service as vice president of the board, and as chair of the Administration and Facilities Committee, require many long hours of preparation, coordination, negotiation and judgment, which she effectively carries out. She is a respected and productive leader whose contributions to the district are commendable.
I hope my West Windsor neighbors and friends will join me in voting for Michele Kaish for the West Windsor-Plainsboro school board on Nov. 3. 
Robert J. Johnson 
West Windsor 