PRINCETON: Sullivan makes decisions in best interest of children

Leticia Fraga Nadle, Larry Spruill, Ross Wishnick, Princeton
Our children have either graduated from high school or currently attend the public schools, so we share a passion for the quality, diversity and inclusiveness of our schools and for their excellent stewardship. We therefore strongly support the re-election of Patrick Sullivan to the school board on Nov. 3.
No other candidate has Pat Sullivan’s broad experience and deep, detailed understanding of the district’s complicated budget and financial picture and its complex operations and programs. Pat also brings impressive legal and analytical skills to his decision-making.
Importantly, Pat understands that making decisions in the best interests of students is almost never a simple or obvious process. As a fiduciary for our children and our public schools, Pat has demonstrated great discernment and painstaking care in understanding complex situations, weighing competing interests and making difficult, nuanced choices.
Just as important as his expertise and experience are Pat’s great compassion and concern for the children in our schools. During his board service, Pat has tenaciously focused on enhancing the educational experiences for our children who have unconventional learning needs or strengths, and on expanding opportunities for children who come to our schools at a disadvantage due to family income, native language or background. Through his hard work on the district’s Strategic Plan Steering Committee, Pat made certain that inclusiveness and individualized learning, combined with high expectations and hopes for all children, were a driving principle in each of the Strategic Plan’s five goals.
We are lucky to have Pat Sullivan serving this community on the school board. We urge you to vote for him (ballot position no. 3) on Nov. 3. 
Leticia Fraga Nadler 
Larry Spruill 
Ross Wishnick 
Princeton 