WEST WINDSOR-PLAINSBORO: Kaish has leadership qualities to solve complex problems

Esther Sun, West Windsor
I am writing to enthusiastically support Michele Kaish’s candidacy for school board re-election.
I met Michele in 2012 during her first election period when she was a school board candidate. Since then, I not only continue to know Michele from her involvement on the school board, and as a parent to children at our school district, but also have the opportunity to work with Michele in the West Windsor-Plainsboro Education Foundation (where Michele serves as the school board liaison). My endorsements are based on the three key characters that I felt best advocate Michele’s qualifications.
Michele has the motivation to serve the best interests of all of the students and parents in our district. She is fair, open minded, and a collaborator. Every parent in the district wants the best for their children’s education and wellbeing. With a diverse population in WW-P, agreeing on ways to achieve “best” is a daunting task. Michele does not make decisions without considering all aspects of the situation, and she is also not afraid to make decisions that can be perceived as not popular, in the context to serving the best interests of all the students in our district.
Michele was able to make informed decisions as she reaches out to community at large to listen to different opinions; she is knowledgeable of the education pedagogy in our school district and beyond, and apprised of latest educational development from fields of experts.
Michele has the experience to champion the needs of all children in our school district. Michele has been a volunteer in our school district since 1997, and has held executive board positions in the PTA (president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary) at multiple schools. This gave Michele the hands-on experience with the day-to-day operations of the WW-P school district and the district’s curriculum, policies, programs, and finances.
A thorough understanding of policies and procedures and a broad network of stakeholders in the community via her long time community involvement are the core foundation to serve effectively as a board member, and I cannot think of anyone else who is more qualified as Michele to possess both.
Michele has the leadership to be an effective change agent to navigate through balancing conflicting requirements to come up with the best possible outcome. Michele is tireless in her pursuit for building consensus. She devotes time and energy to educate herself about the issues, and is skilled to “agree to disagree” while maintaining respect for all involved.
As the WW-P school board’s liaison to the WW-P Education Foundation, Michele provides district feedback which aids the planning of the foundation’s strategic initiatives (e.g., funding of school programs). When different opinions are discussed, Michele clearly articulates the driver of her opinion to provide context of her thoughts. These leadership qualities enable her to work effectively and productively with diverse constituents to solve complex issues that the school board faces.
Please join me in voting for Michele Kaish on Nov. 3. 
Esther Sun 
West Windsor 