PRINCETON: Dodge and Kendal support board transparency

Jane Manners and Abigail Rose, Princeton
We are writing in support of Rob Dodge and Dafna Kendal, candidates in the upcoming Princeton Public Schools’ Board of Education election.
Dafna and Rob are engaged, committed, and informed parents of PPS students. Over this past year of difficult teacher contract negotiations, Rob and Dafna demonstrated their willingness to commit the time and energy needed to understand complex issues facing our schools. At the board’s public meetings, they regularly spoke with passion, compassion, and insight.
Among Dafna and Rob’s many laudable positions, we are particularly impressed by their commitment to board transparency and open communication. As regular board meeting attendees, Rob and Dafna understand the importance of educating the public about the board’s decisions and its decision-making processes, and of providing opportunities for community engagement and input. Given the budgetary constraints our growing district will almost certainly face over the next several years, such transparency and dialogue will be more important than ever.
We urge you to vote for Rob and Dafna on Nov. 3. 
Jane Manners and Abigail Rose 
Princeton 