CRANBURY: Board hikes pay for substitute teachers

By Amy Batista, Special Writer
CRANBURY – The Board of Education approved an increase in substitute teacher and substitute teacher assistant pay rates in hopes of attracting more substitute teachers to the district during its Tuesday night meeting.
“Cranbury School is seeking to increase the number of substitute teachers to address the district need,” said Chief School Administrator and Principal Dr. Susan Genco.
The board unanimously approved an increase in the substitute teacher pay from $85 per day to $90 per day and an increase in the substitute teacher assistant pay from $80 per day to $85 per day effective Dec. 1.
Board member Evelyn Spann asked if the salaries are consistent with competitive rates in the area.
“We looked at three districts and we were at the lower end of it,” said board member Pramod Chivate during his finance report to the board. He said a couple of different options were reviewed to bring the rate in-line with several other districts that pay more.
“So this makes us more competitive?” Ms. Spann said.
“We are still on the lower end,” said Dr. Genco said. “West Windsor is paying $90 and East Windsor is paying $85. And we are looking for substitutes.”
Ms. Spann asked if there was a pool of teachers from which the district could draw.
“We don’t have a lot of applications coming, so we are really looking for substitutes,” Dr. Genco said.
In a follow up email Wednesday, Dr. Genco said that the district currently has 15 active substitutes.
“We are seeking to increase our substitute pool to a minimum of 25,” she said. “That’s what has really sparked what are we paying,” she said.
Dr. Genco said that it has been at least five years since the district has done a cross-check of neighboring districts to see what they are paying substitute teachers.
“The problems between the small and large districts are that in the small districts, for substitutes who want to have regular work, they tend to go to the larger districts where there are more opportunities,” she said. “So we are looking for more substitutes. We are hoping that that combination will garnish more interest.”
Teacher certification is preferred, she said. “However, we welcome all applicants with a minimum of 60 college credits,” she said.
Interested candidates can email their resume, letters of reference and transcripts to Ann Anghelone at