There is one phrase in a real estate agent’s marketing repertoire that has near universal ability to pique buyer interest. It is the tag “motivated seller.” This phrase has a number of possible meanings, which is up to the buyer to discern. It could be that the seller is confronted with circumstances such as a job transfer or carrying two mortgages that make it more likely that he or she would be willing to negotiate on price in hopes of making a quick sale. If the property is priced right and there are no underlying circumstances that would cause the property to be devalued (structural damage, etc.), buyers should see a motivated seller as presenting them with an opportunity.

When buyers hear that the seller is “motivated” it indicates that the seller is eager to find an amenable buyer for the property. When selling, I will walk you through the process, step by step. I have a successful history of assisting sellers in your community. Contact me today. The office is conveniently located at 1199 Amboy Ave., Edison.

HINT: The first step in dealing with a motivated seller involves the potential buyer finding out just what is motivating the seller to move quickly and then responding appropriately. Re/Max Diamond Realtors®