Red Bank picks new parks & rec director

Staff Writer

RED BANK – After several months, the Red Bank Parks and Recreation Department has a director.

At the borough council meeting that was held on Dec. 2, members unanimously voted to instate Charlie Hoffmann as director of the borough’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Hoffman looks forward to bringing in activities that not only focus on children, but adult themed recreation.

“I come from a school of diversified recreation where you add life enrichment type programs and are also in a state of perpetual improvement,” said Hoffmann.

“We’re looking to add some programs that aren’t always geared towards children, someone that’s your age, my age or folks who are older, so not everything is geared towards to the youth serving

For Hoffmann, moving to the borough was something he has had in mind for a while.

“Being next door in Fair Haven, I always had my eye on Red Bank. It’s an easy town to like and I felt like I got a great report with the leadership when I was interviewing,” he said.

Hoffman received support from council members who spoke to his qualifications for the position.

“One of the wonderful things that really impressed us about Charlie was the creativity. The stories he was able to tell…who does fashion camp for Kindergarteners,” joked Councilwoman and Parks and recreation liaison Linda Schwabenbauer.

Councilman Edward Zipprich also spoke that he was pleased to have Hoffmann as director.

“Charlie is a very enthusiastic interviewer and has a great enthusiasm for parks and rec. We are very happy to have him,” said Zipprich, who interviewed Hoffman along with Schwabenbauer and Borough Administrator Stanley Sickels.

Hoffman, a graduate of Costal Carolina University, says that working in recreation has been a life long goal of his.

“This is what I’m meant to do. What I’ve wanted to do since I was 11 years old was work in recreation and it’s a town that I have been in love with for years,” said Hoffman.

The last Parks and Recreation Director was Memone Crystian, who left the position in May. Since then, Tamila Bumback had served in the role as acting director of Parks and Recreation. Bumback has left the borough and is presently working in Rumson.

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