LETTER TO THE EDITOR: President Obama’s holiday gift to America

To the editor:
Every American History teacher realizes the parallel’s to the current Obama Administration ( Democratic Party) policies toward abortion to that of similar policies of the 1800s in regards to the issues of slavery. President Obama’s funding of organizations, like Planned Parenthood is his holiday gift to America, and it will be a major part of his legacy.
In the 1850s another party, known as the Republican Party, was created to stop the expansion of slavery in the territories and hopefully eradicate that heinous institution. An act to further expand this practice gave rise to this party and great leaders such as Abraham Lincoln. Although most people at that time didn’t believe slavery could be eradicated, many believed halting the spread of it may eventually lead to its demise. Such a situation now exists in America today.
Since 2008 the Democrats, lead by President Obama, radically expanded abortions in America (and worldwide). In this upcoming election Republican candidates for the presidency lead the charge for the hopeful termination of this practice. As many people in the 1800s didn’t believe slavery could be eliminated, many people in America believe abortion can’t be either.
It took a Civil War, rightful consciousness, and an amendment to the Constitution to override a bad Supreme Court decision that said “slaves were property” and not people. It will take an amendment to our Constitution to override a bad Supreme Court decision that allows this practice. “Abolition” historically in America stood for the hatred of slavery in America; now “abolition” stands for another cause – the elimination of abortion. 
Walter F. Conner Sr. 
Hightstown, N.J. 