County advances road work

HOWELL — The Monmouth County Board of Freeholders has passed a resolution approving plans and specifications for safety improvements at a troublesome intersection in Howell.

According to the resolution, the improvements will be made at the intersection of Squankum-Yellowbrook and West Farms roads. The intersection is near Howell Middle School North and Howell High School.

Currently, there are stop signs on West Farms Road at the intersection, according to Laura Kirkpatrick, the county’s public information officer.

Motorists on Squankum-Yellowbrook Road have the right of way at the intersection. There are no stop signs for vehicles traveling on Squankum-Yellowbrook Road.

“The purpose of the improvements is to enhance safety by increasing driver awareness,” Kirkpatrick said.

She previously said county officials are planning to replace the stop signs on West Farms Road with a flashing red-andyellow blinker light at the intersection.

The blinker light will have a yellow signal for vehicles on Squankum-Yellowbrook Road and a red signal for vehicles on West Farms Road, according to Kirkpatrick.

The county is working with the state Department of Transportation and the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority on this project.

The intersection has been the scene of several accidents in recent months, including a fatal accident on July 17.

The proposed safety improvements for the intersection of Squankum-Yellowbrook and West Farms roads have been approved for public bidding and construction, according to the resolution.

Construction can begin in 2015, according to Kirkpatrick.

— Taylor M. Lier