MONTGOMERY TOWNSHIP: Non-union employees receive pay increase

By Lea Kahn, Staff Writer
MONTGOMERY — Township administrative staff and department heads — from the township administrator to the police director, the superintendent of Public Works and the tax assessor — are going to receive pay hikes of 1.75 percent.
Township Committee adopted a resolution last week granting the 1.75-percent pay increase to all non-union employees, which also includes the director and other staff members in the Kid Connection program.
The 1.75-percent salary increase is the same percentage pay hike that was awarded to Montgomery Township’s unionized employees, Township Administrator Donato Nieman told the committee at its July 2 meeting.
“It reflects what the unions received,” Mr. Nieman said.
Under the resolution, Mr. Nieman will earn $149,084 for 2015, up from $146,520 that he earned in 2014. Police Captain Robert Palmer, who is the police director, will earn $147,013 and the deputy police director will be paid $144,943.
Chief Financial Officer Walter Sheppard will be paid $138,828 and Township Engineer Gail Smith will earn $116,335. Superintendent of Public Works Arthur Villano will be paid $114,719. Construction Official/Fire Marshal Roy Mondi will earn $114,132.
Kid Connection program director Andrea McKenna will earn $76,151 and head teachers Cathy Gorman and Jennifer Yanovitch will be paid $60,523 and $47,915, respectively. Salaries for the 10 teachers range from $38,212 to $51,842.
The Kid Connection is run under the auspices of Montgomery Township. The tuition-based program offers a pre-school program for 3- and 4-year-old children, and a kindergarten enrichment program. There are before-school and after-school programs, also