HOPEWELL VALLEY: Thank you to those for column on Tyler Christensen

Mary Rabbitt, Hopewell
Thank you, Michele Byers, for your July 30 column highlighting the important work of Tyler Christensen with New Jersey’s threatened and endangered species.
I had the privilege of meeting Tyler three years ago when he and I both stopped for a very large snapping turtle heading for certain death on Route 654, about a mile west of Hopewell Borough. I was able to witness Tyler’s quick action that took the turtle out of harm’s way.
Until I read Michele Byers’ column, I didn’t realize the extent of Mr. Christensen’s wonderful work on behalf of threatened and endangered species; animals that the activity of humans is decimating through habitat destruction, inattention, ignorance, etc.
I have a special interest in turtles of all kinds and, unfortunately, see more turtles crushed on all of the roadways around Hopewell Borough than I can bear.
However, kudos and thanks go to Alex Semple for rescuing at least two box turtles this summer, one on Princeton Avenue opposite the St. Michael’s Preserve and one on Cherry Valley Road, likely from its disrupted habitat where the pipeline is under construction parallel to Mountain View Road.
Humans are the source of destruction of these species, but humans can also be the source of preservation. Stay alert and slow down.
Thank you, Tyler, and thank you, Alex. 
Mary Rabbitt 
Hopewell Borough 