Mayor has dedication to make O.B. the best

On Nov. 3 you will have the opportunity to re-elect Mayor Owen Henry, guaranteeing that Old Bridge will continue to stabilize taxes, improve township services and facilities, prioritize police protection and maintain professionalism in town hall.

Under Mayor Henry’s leadership the township 2015 budget expended $3.4 million less than it did in 2011, the year before the mayor took office. Miles of roads and curbing have been replaced, recreational facilities at Geick Park were upgraded, and the township’s new emergency-services radio system is state of the art for reliability and coverage. The mayor’s business experience assures that the town is run efficiently, putting customer service and accountability first.

Owen Henry is in public office for all the right reasons — dedication to the community, service, compassion and the perseverance to do the hard work to make Old Bridge the best that it can be.

I enthusiastically support the mayor’s reelection and that of his Township Council running mates, Anita Greenberg-Belli, Debbie Walker and Brian Cahill. I strongly encourage you to do the same.

Barbara Cannon
Old Bridge